Learn how to pre-set questions using the "Question Bank" function.

If you don't want to create questions on-the-fly in your classroom, head over to the "Question Bank" section in your Instructor Portal to set up your quiz questions beforehand.

    1. Log-in at https://instructor.presentria.com
    2. Go to "Resources" --> "Question Bank".
    3. Click "Add Quiz".
    4. Click "Add a New Quiz" to create a new quiz (i.e., set of questions)
    5. Enter a new quiz name.
    6. Press "Check availability" and then "Create".
    7. Click the name of your newly created quiz.
    8. Click "Add item" to create your question(s).
    9. Advanced function: If your colleagues have already built a Quiz that you would like to recycle/re-use, select "Add a Shared Quiz" instead of "Add a New Quiz" earlier on. You'll need to enter a code given by your colleague to locate this shared quiz in the system.