Challenge #1

Other than webinars, what else can I do to teach students remotely?

Solution: Presentria GO

You can set up local trips by pinning checkpoints on a map. When students arrive at a checkpoint, they can watch videos, read articles, answer questions, and compete with peers.

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Challenge #2

My online students are very quiet during the webinar, how can I engage them better?

Solution: Presentria Activities

There are 7 online activities that you can do to engage students during your webinars.

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Challenge #3

I need a better way to ask questions in class and during webinar. My current polling system is too simple.

Solution: Presentria Basic

Presentria Basic is a class response system that utilizes students' computers or smartphones. It supports 6 question types with YouTube video and LaTeX functionality.

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Challenge #4

I want to create an online quiz that lasts for days with auto-grading functionality, but I don't know programming.

Solution: Presentria Multi-item

Presentria allows you to create an online survey or polling that last for days. You can use the auto-grading functionality to save time and export results in Excel/csv format easily.

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  • Presentria_Go_Final

    Presentria GO

    Taking experiential learning to the next level.

  • Presentria_Activities_Final

    Presentria Activities

    Engage your students with 7 amazing group activities!

  • Presentria_Basic_Final

    Presentria Basic

    An advanced class response system designed by educators, for educators.

  • Presentria_multiitem_Final

    Presentria Multi-item

    Online quiz and survey made easy, with auto-grading functionality!

Features Designed by Educators

Advanced Question Design:

Multiple Product Usage:

  • Homework (Making it a take-home assignment or online survey that lasts for days or weeks)
  • Multi-item (Displaying all questions at once on the same page, as in a test)
  • GO (Experiential Place-based Learning)
  • Activities (7 amazing group activities)


  • Quick Log-in (Accessing the quiz quickly by scanning the QR code)

Session Control:

Data / Result Visualization:

Class Performance Reports:

Sharing Resources with other professors:


See what a Presentria quiz looks like:

  1. Log-in at   (no registration required)
  2. Use session number M98