Technical Specifications

Multi-userMulti-user features availableYES
Multiple users (subusers) can share one paid accountYES
APIs and integrationsSingle Sign OnYES (SAML and LDAP)
Learning management systemYES (Blackboard, only in site-license version)
Read-only APIYES
Poll and vote creationYES
Response methodsMethodsAny device with Internet connection and a web browser
Live response webpageYES
Asynchronouse response webpageYES
Web response pagesSession number
Steps required for new audience member to respond3
Pre/post presentation response pages2
FeaturesPoll types6
Ask Multiple questions simultaneouslyYES
Auto stop polls/set timeYES
Push multiple polls to web voting pageYES
Countdown timerYES
Completely anonymous votingYES
Weighted grading (correctness and participation)YES
Ability to restrict participation to a list of pre-registered participantsVia integration
Ability to customize questionNumber of options allowed per poll9 for MC
Length of each option textUnlimited
Images as votable options in multiple choice pollsYES
Math equations, subscripts and superscripts as votable optionsYES (Latex)
Availability of open-ended questions (also referred to as free text, message board, and text-to-screen responses)YES
Customization of visualsAbility to hide votes until doneYES
Show either totals or percentages for multiple choice pollsYES
Choice of chart type for multiple choice pollsBar
Choice of animations for responses to open-ended questionsWord cloud
Presentation softwareInsert any live webpage into slideYES via Question banks
Full-screen mode from any web browserYES
Customization of visualsBackground imageYES
Choose text sizes on chartYES
Ability to save a set of styles and apply to other polls, e.g., templateYES
Free trialQuestions per month limitUnlimited
Audience size limitUnlimited but speed may be affected in a classroom with more than 1000 students
Form of reportsAccess to reporting as a featureYES. Not available in FREE version
CSV downloadYES. Not available in FREE version
Use as an attendance toolYES *Require students to enter their ID
Report by class and studentN/A
View an individual's response historyYES *Require student to enter their ID
Data available in reportsIndividual resultsYES. Not available in FREE version
Show participant identityYES. Not available in FREE version
Grade reports per studentYES. Not available in FREE version
Reporting for studentsYES. Not available in FREE version
SecuritySecurity against cheatingYES, Presentria has passed HP WebInspect health check
Data securityData transfer via https with SSL
Regular independent security auditsAnnual