An exciting journey has begun.

"Go big or stay home!" This is the line that my CEO at TeraGo used to say all the time. As a professor who has been teaching entrepreneurship and marketing around the world for almost 15 years, I think it is time for me to "walk the talk" to start up another venture to solve some real classroom issues faced by educators. Special thanks to Paul, Kevin, David, Margaret, Alireza and a group of talented students and professors around the globe who are supporting the Presentria project wholeheartedly. This is an exciting journey so let's go! - Ken

1 thought on “An exciting journey has begun.”

  1. It IS so exciting, Ken!

    At a macro level, I can’t wait to contribute to removing the friction in the delivery of engaging classroom and conference learning found in most current tools.

    At a more micro level, I just can’t wait to help my personal circle of tech-loving peers leapfrog past the little roadblocks that frustrate us all when we’re scoping out “what we want to achieve today” in our classroom and conference preparations.

    I’m SO ready!

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