Hand Raising

Students press a button on their smartphone or computer to raise their hands.

  • The instructor selects a student to answer the question.

Allowing students to raise their hands is easy!

  1. Go to Activities and press the "Play" button on the right hand side of Hand Raising.
  2. The system generates the session number. Inform your students about the session number (e.g., "A166") and click continue.
  3. On students' smartphones or computers, the message "Waiting for teacher action" is shown.
  4. You press the "Continue" button, and then select your quiz in the question bank. You can also choose to create the question on the fly, by going to the "Create question" tab.
  5. Click on the first question that you want to ask. In this example, let's say you want to start with the "Store signage" question.
  6. On students' smartphones or computer, they will see the question and also a "Hand raising" button at the bottom of the screen. Those who want to answer this question can press that button to raise their hands.
  7. From the screen, you can see that only 2 students have put up his/her hand.
  8. You press the "Next" button to see who that student are.
  9. You can now manually pick the student to answer the question, have the system pick randomly, or choose the student who raised his/her hand the fastest.
  10. The chosen student will now answer the question. If the student gave up, you can pick another student to answer the same question again.
  11. You can also press "Show correct answer" button to display the correct answer to the class.
  12. The Ranking tab shows how many times a student has raised his/her hands, how many times you have selected this student, and the number of times that this student has answered the question correctly.
  13. Press "Next question" button to move onto the next question.
  14. Once it's all done, you press the "End game" and then "OK" button to finish the game.


See what a Presentria quiz looks like:

  1. Log-in at http://www.presentria.com   (no registration required)
  2. Use session number M98