Level Challenge

Students have 2 lives and lose a life if they answer a question incorrectly or take a pass.

  • Students with no more life left, lose the game.
  • The number of lives is adjustable.


Setting up Level Challenge is simple!

Overview of the key steps:
1. In "Question Bank", set up your multiple-choice questions for the quiz.
2. Go to "Activity" to run "Level Challenge".
3. Set the number of lives for each participant (2-9).
4. Select your quiz, or create questions on the spot during your lecture.

5. Preview the question and press "Start" to begin the quiz. Ask students to log-in at www.presentria.com.
6. Once the question is ended, view the class' performance in the "Results" tab.

Detailed instructions:

a. Sign up your Presentria account at https://www.presentria.com/web if you have not yet done so. Remember to activate your account using the link in our welcoming e-mail.
b. Log into the instructor portal at https://instructor.presentria.com, then select "Resources > Question Bank" to create your quiz.
c. You should create multiple-choice questions. Make sure to indicate the correct answer for each question.

a. Once you are ready to run the Level Challenge, go to "Activity" on the left hand side menu and then press the triangular ">" Play button.
Note that if you don't use the question bank, you can still manually create the questions on the spot during your lecture once you've started the Level Challenge activity.

a. Set the number of lives for each student by clicking the icon (2 to 9) and then click "Next".

a. Select your quiz and then click the first question to begin.
b. Alternatively, you can create a new question to ask by clicking the "Create Question" tab at the top of the screen.

a. Preview the question. Press "Start" and then inform the students to log into www.presentria.com to join the quiz. (The session code in this example is A268.)

a. Once students have submitted their answers, press the "End question" button to show the result (i.e., Results tab --> Current question).
b. You can also view the number of remaining lives for each student by clicking the "Life" page (i.e., Results tab --> Life").
c. Click "Next" to preview the upcoming question and press "Next" again to push it to students' devices.

a. The number of remaining lives will be displayed on student's smartphone or computer after answer submission.
If a student has answered several questions incorrectly and has no more life left, he/she cannot proceed in the quiz. The message "You are already dead" will be shown instead.
c. Once all questions are done, press the "End Game" button and then "OK" to finish the game.