Level Challenge

Students have 2 lives and lose a life if they answer a question incorrectly or take a pass.

  • Students with no more life left, lose the game.
  • The number of lives is adjustable.


Setting up Level Challenge is simple!

  1. Go to "Level Challenge" in Activity and then press the "Play" button on the right hand side of the menu.
  2. Select the number of lives for each participant. The default setting is "2" and you can assign up to 9 lives each. Click "Next".
  3. Select your quiz from the question bank or create your questions on the fly in the "Create Question" tab. In this example, we click the quiz "Demo Activity - Level Challenge"
  4. Click your first question (e.g., "McDonalds")
  5. Press the "Start" button and then inform your students the session number (e.g., "A162")
  6. Once students have submitted their answers, press the "End question" button to show the result.
  7. You can go to the "Life" tab to see how many lives are left for each participant. In this example, GUEST421 has only 1 life left because she answered a question incorrectly. The other student, GUEST420, still has 2 lives.
  8. Click "Next" to proceed to preview the next question. Press the "Next" button again to push this question to students' smartphones or computers.
  9. Once students have completed their submissions, press the "End question" button to display the result. Now, let's go to the "Life" tab to see how many lives are left for each student.
  10. Well, GUEST421 has no more life left, so she cannot continue the quiz. Meanwhile, GUEST420 still has 2 lives. Now, click "Next" to preview the next question.
  11. Click "Next" to push the next question to the students. Unfortunately, GUEST421 has no life left, so she cannot proceed and the message "You are already dead" in shown on her smartphone or computer.
  12. Once all questions are done, press the "End Game" button and then "OK" to finish the game.

See what a Presentria quiz looks like:

  1. Log-in at http://www.presentria.com   (no registration required)
  2. Use session number M98