Team Competition

Students form teams to compete

  • Individual scores are added up to create the team score.
  • The team with the highest scores wins.

Setting up Team Competition is easy.

  1. Each student will participate in this game.
  2. Let's say you have 4 students and 2 teams in the class: Mary and John belong to Team 1, Lydia and Peter belong to Team 2.
  3. First, you need to create a "grouping question" as the first question in your quiz that has several questions in it. You use it to get each student to identify themselves so that the system know is joining which team. This question can be something like "Please identify your team number: 1/A, 2/B".
  4. Set up the rest of the questions as usual, just make sure the grouping question is your first question.
  5. To begin the activity, click the "Activities" icon and press the "play" button on the right hand side.
  6. Select your quiz ("Demo Activities" in this example) from the Question bank window. Alternatively, you can create all of these questions on the fly by clicking the "Create Question" tab.
  7. Click the first question to begin your quiz. ("Grouping question" in this example)
  8. Press the "Start" button and tell the students that the session number is "A160".
  9. Once it's done, you press the "End question" button to move onto the next one.
  10. Press the "Next" button to push the question onto students' handsets or computers. Once all teams have submitted their answers, you press the "End question" button to show the results for this particular question.
  11. You can also click the "Overall scores" tab to see how the teams are doing.
  12. As you can see, team 1/A is doing better as they answered it correctly (i.e., 1 mark for Mary, 1 mark for John, so together the team score is 2). Meanwhile, in team 2/B, Lydia got it right but Peter answer it incorrectly, so the team score is 1 (Peter = 0, Lydia = 1).
  13. You continue to move onto the next question by pressing the "Next" button. The marks are accumulated and the team with the highest score wins! Once it's all done, press the "End game" button.

See what a Presentria quiz looks like:

  1. Log-in at   (no registration required)
  2. Use session number M98