Presentria GO

Taking experiential learning to the next level

  • Teachers can set up trips by pinning checkpoints on the Presentria GO system that is powered by Google Maps.
  • Students physically visit these checkpoints and log in to using their smartphones when they arrive.
  • Based on the checkpoint location, students will be presented with questions to answer, online content, and/or PDF file for viewing.
  • Students collect points after visiting these checkpoints.
  • Teachers can set up the trip, and view the class' performance directly on the Presentria instructor portal.
  • No programming is required. Just point and click.
  • Perfect for experiential learning outside the classroom!

Ideal for courses in...
Real Estate Management
Retail Management
Stress Management

"I used Presentria GO for my lecture on outdoor advertising, which enabled me to walk my students through a neighbourhood and observe the kinds of outdoor advertising, and have a really specific and topical discussion"

Jared Breski
Professor, School of Marketing
Seneca College, Canada


What can students do at the checkpoint?

(a) Watch YouTube video

(b) Answer question and get immediate feedback

(c) Read a PDF file

(d) Read instructor's message