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Presentria GO

Let your students to learn about your checkpoints online!

  • Teachers can set up virtual trips by pinning checkpoints on the Presentria GO system that is powered by Google Maps.
  • Students log in to using their computers.
  • Using the directional arrow on the screen, students visit different checkpoint locations. They will be presented with questions to answer, online content, and/or PDF file for viewing.
  • No programming is required. Instructor just point and click to set up the questions and checkpoints.
  • Perfect for engaging students who are residing in different countries or cities.

How to play?

Presentria GO [Virtual] - Student's view

Visit on your computer. Enter the session number (e.g., G1133), your student ID, your name, and click the Login button.

Use the directional arrows (in the lower right-hand corner) to move your black-color pin icon (You) to the red-color pin icon (Checkpoint). Use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out of the map.

View your task(s) or question(s) and complete them accordingly. Depending on the set up, your instructor may provide tips to help you complete the question or task. Instructor feedback may be provided after your answer submission.

If there are multiple tasks or questions available at this checkpoint, you can view them via the pull down menu or the Task List in the upper left-hand corner.

To see how a virtual trip would look like, go to, enter session ID G1147, your student ID (any number), and name.

"I used Presentria GO for my lecture on outdoor advertising, which enabled me to walk my students through a neighbourhood and observe the kinds of outdoor advertising, and have a really specific and topical discussion"

Jared Breski
Professor, School of Marketing
Program Coordinator BAM/BMT
Seneca College, ON, Canada