Presentria GO

Taking experiential learning to the next level


Orientation & Campus Tour

Ideal for Colleges and Universities

Presentria GO makes your orientation and campus tour a lot more engaging and fun!


Experiential Place-based Learning

Ideal for High Schools, Colleges and Universities

Taking experiential learning to the next level.


In-Car Location-based Learning

Ideal for K-12 Education

Presentria GO makes in-car learning possible for students during COVID-19.


Drive Thru Scenic Safari

Ideal for Safaris and Zoo Tours

Presentria GO enables zoo to make its drive thru scenic safari a lot more engaging and fun!

How does it work?

Students log into at the checkpoint.

Students press the "Map" button, grant permission to use location data, and then open the task.

(a) Press "Map"

(b) Grant Permission

(c) Open Task

Students can perform various tasks at the checkpoint.



(a) Watch YouTube video

(b) Answer question and get immediate feedback

(c) Read a PDF file

(d) Read instructor's message

Creating your experiential place-based learning trip is easy!

Step 1: Pin your checkpoint locations in Presentria GO

Step 2: Define checkpoint actions


(1) Ask a question / Show YouTube video

(2) Show web content or message

(3) Display PDF file

Step 3: Start your trip.

Step 4: You can view a "regular" HTML report online, download a .csv report, or view a "map-style" report in Trip Management.

(a) "Regular" HTML Report

(b) "Regular" Report - in .csv format

(c) "Map-style" Report

For detailed instructions in setting up Presentria Go, you can read the Quickstart guide here.