Presentria GO: Giving students a new way to learn during COVID-19

Learning does not take place only in the classroom. Presentria empowers educators to plan an excursion and set checkpoints around a city or neighbourhood for authentic formative assessment.

When students arrive at a checkpoint (e.g., retail store), they can use Presentria to:

  • Watch YouTube video to learn about the location

  • Read related web articles and PDF files

  • View and answer questions, with immediate feedback

  • Compete in games with peers

Innovative Solutions with Presentria GO:


Orientation & Campus Tour

Ideal for Colleges and Universities

Presentria GO makes your orientation and campus tour a lot more engaging and fun!


Experiential Place-based Learning

Ideal for High Schools, Colleges and Universities

Taking experiential learning to the next level.


In-Car Location-based Learning

Ideal for K-12 Education

Presentria GO makes in-car learning possible for students during COVID-19.


Drive Thru Scenic Safari

Ideal for Safaris and Zoo Tours

Presentria GO enables zoo to make its drive thru scenic safari a lot more engaging and fun!

Video: Testimonial from OCMC Participant, Liliia Khitruk, Seneca College (2021)

Video: Conference Presentation - In-Car Location-based Learning with Presentria GO (2020)

Instructors: For detailed instructions in setting up Presentria GO, you can read the Quickstart guide here.