Presentria GO

Helping colleges and universities to make their orientation and campus tours more engaging.

  • Tour organizers can pin checkpoints on the Presentria GO system that is powered by Google Maps.
  • Orientation participants physically visit these checkpoints and log in to using their smartphones when they arrive.
  • Based on the checkpoint location, participants will be presented with questions to answer, online content, and/or PDF file for viewing.
  • Participants can collect points after correctly answered questions at these checkpoints.

Create your checkpoints in minutes!

What can students do at the checkpoint?

(a) Watch YouTube or Vimeo videos about the school.

(b) Earn points by answering multiple-choice questions correctly.

(c) Download and read information sheets in PDF.

(d) Give feedback to the marketing materials

(e) Write comments about their orientation experience.

Virtual trip option is available:

Some students may not be able to join the orientation or campus tour in person. Allow them to "experience" these interesting questions and videos using Presentria GO over a web browser.

To see how a virtual trip would look like, go to, enter session ID G1147, your student ID (any number), and name.

Additional instructions can be found here.