Presentria Activities: Gamify your lectures with easy-to-run activities

Your next class or ZOOM meeting does not have to be boring. Presentria allows educators to play games and run group activities easily during lectures.

"I use Presentria Activities frequently to engage my online students. It's quite fun to see them competing in teams as if they're learning in a physical classroom."

Dr. Ken Wong
Professor, School of Marketing
Former Program Coordinator BAM/BMRK
Seneca College
Toronto, ON, Canada


Team Competition

Students form teams to compete. Individual scores are added up to create the team score. The team with the highest scores wins.

Speed Challenge

Students compete to answer questions correctly in the shortest amount of time.

Level Challenge

Students have 2 lives and lose a life if they answer a question incorrectly or take a pass. Students with no more life left, lose the game. The number of lives is adjustable.

Pick or Random

Instructor picks a student from the list or randomly to answer the question.

Hand Raising

Students press a button on their smartphone or computer to raise their hands. The instructor selects a student to answer the question.

Peer Review

Students answer a multiple-choice or open-ended question, and then let their classmates check each other's work and give scores.

Peer Instruction

Students answer the same question twice while in between, they discuss and learn from each other.