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Training Videos

We have created a series of training videos on YouTube to help you master Presentria.

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Presentria Basic / Multi-item / Activities

Before Class

  • Learn how to pre-set questions using the "Question Bank" function.

During Class

  • Learn how an instructor can start a Presentria session to ask questions.
  • Learn how an instructor can ask questions using the "Question Bank" function.
  • Learn how an instructor can ask questions on the fly.
  • Learn how students or seminar participants can answer questions using their phones, tablets, or computers.

After Class

  • Learn about the types of data that is captured in the "Report" function.

Presentria GO

Top Training Videos

Video #1: Setting up questions during a lecture:

Video #2: Setting up a quiz using the Question Bank:

Video #3: Setting up a multi-item quiz to display all questions at once:

Video #4: Setting up an online survey that lasts for days:

Video #5: Adding a YouTube video:

Video #6: Using the Word Cloud function:

Video #7: Sharing quizzes with another instructor: