Creating a Word Cloud in a few simple steps

Create a new quiz using either the "Text" (short answer) or "Fill-in-the-blanks" question type.

Students type their answers on their computer or mobile devices.

Press "End this question".


And then "Word Cloud"


Word Cloud is now generated. Optionally, you can exclude common words to make the Word Cloud more relevant, or reshuffle the words to create another design. The list of words (and counts) are shown on the right hand side.

"I am using Presentria in an introductory course with 285 students and chose the application because of its ease of use on a variety of mobile platforms. With Presentria, I can generate a word cloud on the spot to highlight the overall sentiment in the answers submitted about a current event."

Prof. Robert Ott
Interim Chair, School of Image Arts, FCAD
Ryerson University, Canada