To make inclusive teaching and learning a reality by harnessing the power of advanced mobile and experiential learning technologies.




Presentria GO is Canada's first experiential place-based online learning tool to help educators take learning outside the classroom.



To become the trusted go-to platform where educators can craft engaging yet enjoyable tasks for their students, rekindling the joy of learning.




We firmly believe that continuous learning is the key to personal and collective growth.



The concept behind Presentria emerged as a solution to a real-life issue encountered in an academic setting.

The story began at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS) in the spring of 2003 when Dr. Ken Wong embarked on his teaching journey in Canada. With each passing class, Dr. Wong observed that certain students consistently faced challenges in the form of confusion, shyness, fatigue, and distraction within the classroom.

As an educator who is deeply committed to the principles of inclusive teaching and learning, Dr. Ken Wong strongly believed that there must be a more effective way to engage students, irrespective of whether they were attending classes on campus, online, or in the field.

By 2011, after instructing his 6000th student, Ken recognized that the time was right to actualize inclusive teaching and learning through the use of technology.

He initiated a partnership with Professor Paul Lam from the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research (CLEAR) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and collaborated with skilled developers at Edvant Hong Kong to work on a classroom response system named uReply. Following its initial software release in September 2012, this groundbreaking system garnered interest from over 2,000 professors at CUHK alone, leading to more than 20,000 sessions and 4.5 million pageviews.

The notion of developing a classroom response system tailored to the Canadian educational landscape had been brewing in Dr. Wong's mind after implementing uReply in his classes at UofT, Ryerson, and Seneca. In 2018, the Presentria project took shape, conceived by Dr. Ken Wong and Professor Margaret Osborne at Seneca's School of Marketing.

After two years of diligent preparation, Presentria Canada Inc. was officially established in 2020, alongside the launch of Canada's pioneering experiential place-based learning tool, Presentria GO. In recognition of his accomplishments, Dr. Ken Wong was honored with the Minister of Colleges and Universities' Award of Excellence from the Ontario Government in September 2020.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators found immense value in Presentria's complimentary classroom response system – Presentria Basic and Multi-item. Presentria further enhanced its offerings by introducing Presentria Activities, which made webinars significantly more engaging. In November 2023, the flagship product, Presentria GO, underwent a comprehensive redesign and enhancement.

Dr. Wong burned the midnight oil to design Presentria, after putting his daughter, Lydia, to sleep.

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Timeline - Our Journey to Success

Ken began his teaching career at the University of Toronto.

After teaching his 6000th student, Ken had the vision to make inclusive teaching and learning a reality through the use of technology.
Ken started collaboration with Professor Paul Lam of CUHK and his team on a class response system called uReply and deployed such tool to his classes at Ryerson University.

2013 - 2017
Successful trial at universities in Canada, France, UAE, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and China.

The Presentria project was conceived by Ken and Margaret at Seneca College.

Presentria Canada Inc. was officially established with the launch of Canada's first experiential place-based learning tool — Presentria GO.

Educators benefited from Presentria’s free class response system – Presentria Basic and Multi-item, during COVID-19. Presentria made webinars a lot more engaging by launching Presentria Activities.

The flagship product, Presentria GO, was redesigned, improved, and launched.

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