"The Presentria tool pushes polls and questions to the student’s device to encourage group discussion with innovative questioning techniques, which get more students involved in class participation. In addition, there are advanced features such as team competitions, speed challenges, peer review, peer feedback and experiential learning."

Pockets of Innovation

A journey to inclusive teaching and learning.


Our Story

In any classroom, there are students who are confused, shy, tired, and distracted. As educators who share a passion for inclusive teaching and learning, Professor Ken Wong and Professor Margaret Osborne are determined to find better ways to engage these students. Through the use of advanced EdTech such as AI, IoT, and LBS, these two professors intend to empower other educators and professionals around the world with this Presentria project.

Timeline - Our Journey to Success

Our Logo & Trademark


Margaret designed Presentria's original logo and Ken created the digital version of it using Adobe Illustrator. The "Presentria" trademark is filed and protected under CIPO. File number 1937989. The brand is named after our first product — a presentation tool for educators and business practitioners.